Evolutionary Systems Biology, Zoo6927

Published: November 5th, 2014

Category: Courses, News, Spring 2015

Charlie Baer will be offering a one-credit graduate seminar (ZOO6927) titled “Evolutionary Systems Biology” in the Spring semester.

The seminar will have a Journal Club format, whereby every registered student will lead a discussion on a paper of interest.  Just to set the stage as to my idea of what constitutes “evolutionary systems biology”, the first reading will be Kacser and Burns classic paper on the evolution of dominance and the second reading will be Andreas Wagner’s influential model on the evolution of transcriptional networks.  After the first two weeks the readings will be decided on by the group.  The refs for the first two papers are:

1. Kacser, H. and J. A. Burns. 1981. The Molecular Basis of Dominance. Genetics 97: 639-666.
2. Wagner, A. 1996. Does Evolutionary Plasticity Evolve? Evolution 50: 1008-1023.

However, I don’t envision “evolutionary systems biology” as being the same thing as “evolution of genetic systems” (e.g., dominance, recombination, mutation rate, etc.) but there are obvious areas of overlap.  Part of my motivation for teaching this class is coming to some understanding of what DOES constitute “evolutionary systems biology”.


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