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Beetles farm fungus that turns wood to beetle fod

Published: Sep 17th, 2015

Li You , David Rabern Simmons , Craig C. Bateman, Dylan P. G. Short, Matthew T. Kasson, Robert J. Rabaglia, Jiri Hulcr (2015) New Fungus-Insect Symbiosis: Culturing, Molecular, and Histological… Read More

Evolution of Antiviral Immune Signaling

Published: Sep 10th, 2015

The Kolaczkowski lab’s work on how a family of innate immune receptors recruited a new signaling partner just before the origin of vertebrates was published in PLoS 1. We use a… Read More

Ancient origins of vertebrate-specific innate antiviral immunity

Published: Jul 24th, 2014

The Kolaczkowski Lab‘s recent paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution examines the molecular-functional evolution of the RIG-like receptors, a group of cytoplasmic proteins involved in antiviral immunity in animals. We find that… Read More

Evolution of animal and plant Dicers: Early parallel duplications and recurrent adaptation of antiviral RNA binding in plants

Published: Jul 24th, 2014

The Kolaczkowski Lab‘s recent paper in Molecular Biology and Evolution examines the molecular evolution of Dicer, a key protein in the RNA interference system. We find phylogenetic evidence that Dicer independently duplicated early… Read More

The Potential of Genomics in Plant Systematics, Soltis et al. 2013

Published: Nov 1st, 2013

Soltis, Douglas E., Matthew A. Gitzendanner, Gregory Stull, Michael Chester, Andre Chanderbali, Srikar Chamala, Ingrid Jordon-Thaden, Pamela S. Soltis, Patrick S. Schnable, and W. Brad Barbazuk. 2013. “The Potential of… Read More

Development of multilocus PCR assays for Raffaelea lauricola, causal agent of laurel wilt disease

Published: Oct 17th, 2013

Dreaden, Tyler J., John Davis, Jason Andrew Smith, Carrie Lapaire Harmon, Randy C Ploetz, Aaron J Palmateer, and Pamela Soltis. 2013. “Development of Multilocus PCR Assays for Raffaelea Lauricola ,… Read More

Natural hybrids between Tragopogon mirus and T. miscellus (Asteraceae): A new perspective on karyotypic changes following hybridization at the polyploid level

Published: Oct 17th, 2013

Lipman, Malorie J., Michael Chester, Pamela S. Soltis, and Douglas E. Soltis. 2013. “Natural Hybrids Between Tragopogon Mirus and T. Miscellus (Asteraceae): A New Perspective on Karyotypic Changes Following Hybridization… Read More

Lost Branches on the Tree of Life

Published: Sep 10th, 2013

Drew BT, Gazis R, Cabezas P, Swithers KS, Deng J, et al. (2013) Lost Branches on the Tree of Life. PLoS Biol 11(9): e1001636. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1001636 [Article link] A new study… Read More

Hawkmoths produce anti-bat ultrasound

Published: Aug 27th, 2013

Jesse R. Barber and Akito Y. Koawahara. 2013. Hawkmoths produce anti-bat ultrasound. Biology Letters 9, 20130161 [Abstract on Journal’s site] Abstract: Bats and moths have been engaged in aerial warfare… Read More